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Serum v1.5.0 Released

Sunday, 19 Jul 2020 Tags: newsrelease

Since the first release of “Serum v2” is greatly delayed, I am going to release a few more versions of Serum v1. As an apology for such delay, these releases will include some new features backported from the upcoming “Serum v2” project.

Here’s the changelog for Serum v1.5.0:


  • Added 3 new configuration items for your Serum project (serum.exs), which can be used to customize locations for your blog-related pages:

    • :posts_source (string, optional) - Path to a directory which holds source files for your blog posts. Defaults to "posts".

    • :posts_path (string, optional) - Path in a output directory which your rendered blog posts will be written to. Defaults to the value of :posts_source. (i.e. the default value will be "posts" if the value of :posts_source is not explicitly given.)

    • :tags_path (string, optional) - Path in an output directory which the tag pages will be written to. Defaults to "tags".

  • Added a new Serum plugin: Serum.Plugins.PreviewGenerator.

    This plugin is a replacement of the built-in preview text generation functionality. Unlike the built-in preview generator, this new plugin can generate preview texts not only for blog posts, but also for regular pages.

    Read the documentation to learn more about this plugin.