A simple static website generator

The Microscope Project

Microscope is a simple static web server which powers Serum’s development server functionality. Originally, it was a part of Serum, but it has been extracted to a separate project for better maintainability and extensibility. Now Microscope is a general-purpose static web server, which is not only useful for testing your static websites, but also a handy tool for quickly sharing your files on your computer over HTTP, and more!

Microscope can be run as a child process (under a supervision tree or not) or as a standalone program. Visit the GitHub repositiory for more information.


  • Automatic index generation

    Microscope generates and sends a fallback “Index of” page which contains a list of subdirectories and files, if the requested URL points to a directory where neither index.html nor index.htm exists. Microscope must be started with index flag enabled to use this feature.

    A screenshot of auto-generated index page

Microscope is intended to be used as a test server or a temporary server for quick file sharing, and I don’t and won’t have any plan to make Microscope a huge web server like NGINX or Apache httpd. So some rich features like HTTPS and Cache-Control are not likely to be implemented. Please keep this in your mind when contributing or requesting a new feature to this project.