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Serum v1.4.1 Released

Friday, 21 Feb 2020 Tags: newsrelease

While I am spending most of the Serum development time for “Serum v2” works, I would like to announce a new maintenance release of Serum v1.x: Serum v1.4.1.


  • Upgraded Floki, the HTML parser library, to 0.26.0, which provides more useful functionalities Serum needs.
  • Updated some codes that may not work well with the latest version of Floki. These codes were causing some noisy warnings during website builds for some users, but this issuse is now fixed.

If you are recently getting a bunch of deprecation warnings, please upgrade Serum to v1.4.1!

For those who have been waiting for a big update, I’m sorry. But like I said at the beginning, I have been working on the “Serum v2” project, and this is going to be a huge one, with many enhancements, many new features, but also with many breaking changes.

In the meantime, there will be some more of minor bug fixes and stability improvements for Serum v1, like this. And I’m also planning to write posts about what to expect in Serum v2, one topic at a time. So please stay tuned!