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TOC Generator Plugin

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Serum.Plugins.TableOfContents is a module for the Serum plugin that inserts a table of contents. This plugin is included in the serum package, so you don’t need to add an extra dependency to use this plugin.

Using the Plugin

First, add this plugin to your serum.exs:

  plugins: [

This plugin works with both pages(.md, .html, and .html.eex) and blog posts(.md). Insert the <serum-toc> tag at the position you want to display a table of contents.

<serum-toc start="2" end="4"></serum-toc>

The start and end attributes define a range of heading level this plugin recognizes. In the case of the above example, <h1>, <h5>, and <h6> tags are ignored when generating a table of contents.

After this plugin has run, each <serum-toc> tag is replaced with an unordered list:

<ul id="toc" class="serum-toc">
  <li class="indent-0">
    <a href="#s_1">
      <span class="number">1</span>
      Section 1
  <!-- More list items here... -->

This plugin produces a “flat” unordered list. However, each list item tag has an indent-x class, where x is an indentation level (from 0 to 5) of the current item in the list. You can utilize this when working on stylesheets.

The id attribute of each target heading tag is used when hyperlinks are generated. If the element does not have an id, the plugin will set one appropriately.


You may use <serum-toc> tag more than once in a single page. However, all occurrences of this tag will be replaced with a table of contents generated using the attributes of the first one. That is, for example, all three tags in the code below expand to the same table of contents, showing a 2-level deep list.

<serum-toc start="2" end="3"></serum-toc>

It’s recommended that you wrap a <serum-toc> tag with a <div> tag when using in a markdown file, to ensure a well-formed structure of HTML output.

<div><serum-toc ...></serum-toc></div>

And finally, make sure you close every <serum-toc> tag properly with </serum-toc>.