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Live Reloader Plugin

About 1 minute to read

This plugin injects the live reloader script at the end of generated HTML files. This plugin is included in the serum package, so you don’t need to add an extra dependency to use this plugin.

Once the page is loaded inside your web browser, the injected script tries to connect to the Serum development server via WebSocket. When the page receives "reload" message from the server, it refreshes the current page.

If you disable this plugin, you need to manually refresh the page after you made some changes to your source files.

Using the Plugin

This plugin is useless without the Serum development server. So you usually don’t want the script injected into pages when the server is not running. Let the plugin run only when Mix.env() is dev, and run MIX_ENV=prod mix when you are ready to publish your website.

# serum.exs:
  plugins: [
    {Serum.Plugins.LiveReloader, only: :dev}