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Adding Pages to Your Website

All source codes for your pages should be located under pages/ directory. Serum scans this directory and its subdirectories recursively, so you may have the page hierarchy as deep as you want.

You can make pages in three formats: Markdown, HTML, and HTML with EEx. The name of all markdown file must end with .md, the name of all HTML file must end with .html, and the name of all EEx file must end with .html.eex, as Serum determines source type by examining filename extensions.

Although almost all HTML codes are accepted by markdown processor, it is recommended to save HTML documents as HTML file because the extra procedure of markdown processing can be skipped. When you are writing pages in EEx, you can utilize all of template helpers and variables described in Templates document.

For successful build, you need to provide metadata at the beginning of every page source files. The beginning and the end of each page header are delimited by a --- line, and between these two lines, each metadata is defined in a line in the form of <key>: <value>. Below is the list of metadata you can define:

  • title (string, required)

    Defines the title of the page. This text can be displayed in the title bar of web browsers, or header area of the page.

  • label (string, optional)

    Defines the name (label) of the page. This is useful when you want to display different text other than the page title, in the navigation area or page index. If this is not set, label is equal to title.

  • group (string, optional)

    Specifies a group the page belongs to. Pages with the same group property belong to the same group, so that you can filter a list of pages by group later in EEx templates or pages.

  • order (integer, optional)

    Determines the order in which pages belonging to the same group appear in the page list. The numbers don’t need to be consecutive; you just need to number the pages so that pages with lower order come first and pages with higher order come last in the list.

Below is an example of a valid page source file.

title: Welcome to My Website
label: Home
group: main-nav
order: 1

... contents ...