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Assets and Media

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Each Serum project can also have two additional directories: assets and media. The assets directory is used for storing stylesheets, javascript sources and images which are used globally within the project. While the media directory is used to store images, audio or other media files which are referenced by some pages or blog posts. These directories and their contents will be copied into the destination directory when the project is built.

When a new Serum project is being initialized, these two directories are also automatically created. However you may remove those directories if you plan to have no design assets or media files. In that case, Serum will warn you that either assets or media directory is missing.

Serum also creates css, js and images directories under the assets directory. This is just for your convenience, therefore you are free to change the inner directory structure to fit your needs.

You can reference any assets from any template by using asset/1 template helper macro.

<!-- Example: -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<%= asset "css/style.css" %>">

By doing so, you can avoid hard-coding the full URL in every reference to your assets.


You can also refer to any media files in templates by using base/1 macro. However, it’s not recommended to do that because media files are intended to be used in a specific page or blog post.