A simple static website generator

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The serum.json File

Every Serum project has its own serum.json file under the root of the project directory. This file holds the project metadata and various project-scoped settings. Below is the content of serum.json which is used to build this website.

  "site_name": "Serum",
  "site_description": "A simple static website generator",
  "base_url": "/Serum/",
  "author_email": "",
  "author": "Dalgona.",
  "date_format": "{WDfull}, {D} {Mshort} {YYYY}",
  "preview_length": 200,
  "list_title_tag": "Posts Tagged \"~s\""

These are a list of fields currently accepted by Serum:

  • site_name (string, required)

    The name (or title) of the website. The value of this field is intended to be shown in the top of pages and the titlebar of a web browser.

  • site_description (string, required)

    The short description (or subtitle) of the website. Could be shown under the banner area of each page.

  • base_url (string, required)

    The root path of the website on the web server. For example, if you want to make the front page of the website accessible from, you must set base_url as "~user/site1/".

    Also, you must append a slash (/) at the end of the path, or the build process will fail with JSON validation errors.

  • author (string, required)

    The name of the author (or admin). The main purpose of this field is not specified, and it can be used anywhere in the templates (e.g. in the footer area of a webpage or in the header area of a blog post)

  • author_email (string, required)

    The email address of the author. The main purpose of this field is not specified.

  • date_format (string, optional)

    Determines how the date and time should be represented in blog pages and blog post lists. It uses the default formatting language of Timex. Please read this documentation for detailed explanation of the formatting syntax.

    If this field is not defined or invalid, "{YYYY}-{0M}-{0D}" will be used as a default format specifier.

  • preview_length (integer, optional)

    Specifies the maximum length of the preview text of each blog post, which can be displayed in blog post lists. The default value is 200.

    If you don’t want the preview texts to be displayed, it’s more recommended to set preview_length as zero (rather than removing this field from serum.json), as it disables additional operations for generating preview texts.

  • list_title_all (string, optional)

    Sets the title text of “all posts” list page. If not given, "All Posts" will be used as the default title string.

  • list_title_tag (string, optional)

    Defines title text format of tag-filtered list page. The default format is "Posts Tagged ~s". Note that you must put exactly one ~s in the format string, as this is the placeholder for tag name. If you need to display ~ character in pages, insert ~~ (two consecutive tildes).