My Projects

As of: Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

Serum Elixir Web FEATURED

Yet another simple static website generator, written in Elixir. [Website]

Elm Binary Clock Web Elm

My first Elm application.

IDWDANYA!!!🐱 Web Elm Toy

IDW (Girl's Frontline) Producing Simulator written in Elm

Microscope Elixir Web

A simple static web server written in Elixir. Originated from Serum. [Website]

BaseHangul Elixir

Elixir implementation of BaseHangul, the human-readable binary encoding.

WhoIsTweeting C# .NET WPF

A simple program that monitors your followings and marks them as online, away, or offline.

JUMO C# .NET WPF music VST graduation project

JUMO: Uncomplicated Music studiO. Simple digital audio workstation (DAW) application


Korean Translation of Elixir School translation Elixir

Have translated Elixir School into Korean with other collaborators. "Lessons about the Elixir programming language"